A rare photo of me not skiing.

My family always encouraged the outdoors and athletics, encouraging me to try many sports when I was young. Thanks to them and an amazing elementary gym teacher, I had competitive opportunities as early as third grade. I enjoyed these opportunities immensely and from that point on knew I wanted to reach the highest levels in athletics. However, at the time I thought I was bound for Olympic success in running or soccer, skiing was just a winter hobby.

One of my first mountain races, Bird Ridge, summer 2014.

As with many other Alaskan skiers I have been skiing for almost as long as I can remember. Starting at Eagle River Junior Nordic with my dad as a coach until I began racing and training competitively in seventh grade. At this time, I began skiing for Alaska Nordic Racing, my local club. Initially I joined to improve my overall fitness specifically my running. However, after qualifying for my first Junior Nationals my freshman year of high school, I was hooked.

Since then, every season has been more exciting than the last, making international trips and winning races. After graduating from Chugiak high school I decided to not race on the NCAA circuit in favor of what I consider to be better training and racing for the long term with future Olympic success in mind. To me, this means staying in Anchorage and training with the APU elite team.

Outside of training I am slowly working my way towards majors in mathematics and computer science. When I am not working on school or actively training I can be found playing with my pup, Octavius or being involved in some sort of shenanigans with my roommates. Our favorite activities are playing or watching basketball, scapegoating each other for not doing the dishes, or playing Geoguessr, a video game based on the premise of guessing Google Streetview locations.

"Living the dream"

~Mikey Evans